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Video Memoirs

Stories shared over holiday dinners aren’t written down, or if they are, the notes end up in a shoe box in the back of a closet, lost to others. Why risk that?

Considering today’s fast pace and shrinking attention spans, a personally-told, twenty-minute video is perfect to capture those important stories for friends, families and even communities. On a DVD, a flash drive or as a YouTube® video, your stories can be portable, easy to use and a joy to share at family gatherings all year long.

A video memoir is a snapshot of a specific event or short period of time in a lifetime. It isn’t a complete autobiography.

Our lives are full of history, and we all have stories to tell.

Writing a book can take years, and it may never be completed. 

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With Bruce Merwin's knowledge, skill and passion at work, your stories can be ready to share with others in a matter of days, in a professional, enjoyable and entertaining video.

Creating a video memoir is a fun, inexpensive and stress-free way to capture your tales.

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Learn about this fascinating and exciting format for your memoir.

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